You’ve been for an amazing ride, the adrenalin is subsiding and you reminisce about those hard trails as you lovingly wash, grease and oil your bike ready for the next session. But what about the engine?


Your bodies ability to function is the most important part of any sport, but how much attention do you give it? (hopefully it’s getting a wash at least!)

Mountain biking carries the unenviable title of 4th most likely sport to give you an injury.

Unsurprising you might think. For those riders lucky enough to avoid injuries from falling or crashes, there are still potential issues with backs, stress fractures, pulled muscles and postural alignment issues.


Just hard riding in uncomfortable positions puts high stresses through the muscles, soft tissues and bones and yet very few people, outside the professional domain, pay any attention to themselves.

Mountain biking involves off road riding over tracks with variable surface conditions. The high speeds achieved during downhill sections can lead to falls and serious injury.

There are several published reports of serious head injury as a result of falls, which makes a helmet essential.

Thankfully, most mountain biking injuries are not serious – the majority of falls result in relatively minor cuts and grazes. Abrasions on the outside of the knees, hips and elbows are common when a rider falls, especially on a hard surface.


Not all mountain biking injuries are traumatic or external Overuse and soft tissue injuries can occur due to the repetitive nature of cycling.

Sports Massage can help ensure that muscle firing sequences are correct and that tension often held across the lower back is removed.


Regular monthly maintenance can keep you in touch with your health and address any issues before they get out of control and keep you riding.

Understanding the mechanics of the body and how the posterior chain fires is your therapists job. Use them!

book an initial consultation to discuss any issues and have your posture assessed.

Book regular appointments to work through those issues with your therapist and follow their advice regarding stretching and exercise.

Set up

If the bike set up is incorrect for the rider, then it is quite easy to suffer from back pain and knee pain. Some research suggests that 25% of cyclists suffer from knee pain that comes on due to overuse on a bike that is not set up properly.

Have you had your bike set up properly? Places like Black Bikes in Eastbourne can help and advise you with the best set up for you.