Having studied for a reasonable amount of time to gain my qualification; 18 months of classroom based work with 4 written assignments, a dissertation, a written and a practical exam, alongside 200 hours of physical practice to achieve a BTEC Level 5 diploma.

It’s hard not to get annoyed when you see people popping up saying “I do sports massage now” having attended a weekend long course.

I recently bought a book called “Trick or Treatment” and I’ve been researching a lot of alternative treatments. What I do is essentially about helping people.  I want to have as many tools as I can to facilitate this happening, for me I have to know, categorically that what I am doing works.


There are a few bloggers out there that are disparaging of other therapists, treatments and anything non scientific. I almost became one but I was also reminded of a book I read a number of years ago about the effects of Placebo 

Placebo comic strip

Placebo works 60% of the time. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. If you could have a treatment with zero risk, zero side effects and a potential result in 60% of cases why not?

In the case of hands on therapies or gentle touch therapies  this effect is potentially enhanced by the emotional connection and thus a positive endorphin release you may get by being momentarily cared for by your therapist.

So what am I saying? There are therapies out there that will claim a number of things like channeling energy flow, realigning qi or chi. Purporting to rid you of all sorts of diseases and ailments, rid you of toxins etc etc the list is seemingly endless.

Some benefits

At best these therapies will make you feel somewhat better through the placebo effect and through the emotional response. That is all. Full Stop. There is no scientific evidence that they will rid you of any disease.

I am not going to rubbish individual therapies as you may be getting some of the benefits described above from them.

All I will add is that you should look for a therapist that is as honest as they can be with regards to the practice and the likely potential outcomes. If they appear to be selling a miracle then it’s likely to be snake oil.

Snake oil, the effects of placebo


So rather than being ‘that guy’ that calls out pseudosciences I’ll just state this; If the treatment you are receiving feels like it is giving you something in return then there is no harm in it.  There may be some emotional or psychological benefits.

Consider WHY you feel something though: When do you ever invest an hour in yourself normally? Lying down focusing on your breathing and relaxing? It’s not really surprising you come away feeling relaxed.

Taking a warm bubble bath, with some candles and a glass of wine, may have just the same effect and cost you a lot less)

If you went along expecting to feel relaxed and came away feeling relaxed then you achieved what you set out to do so all good. If you feel you are being mislead or fantastical claims are being made about curing illness, that are just not backed up by science then be careful as to what the person who is treating you is motivated by.

The same goes for multiple appointments. How can anyone predict that it will take X amount of sessions to fix your problem? I only book one appointment at a time and we monitor actual progress along the way.


I can only speak for myself but all of my treatments are based on fixing a physical musculoskeletal issue you may have or providing maintenance. If I can add to your well-being with a nice environment, positive information exchange and attentive service then your experience should be even more positive.  The most paramount thing for me is utilising the skills I have learned and developed to provide you with a real solution.


Give me a call to discuss your individual needs and lets see if together we can fix them. 07980 339 864 Jason