It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and this is the first one of 2019.

It’s a time of year when many of you, whilst not necessarily making resolutions, will be thinking about improving your fitness and health.

Club together

Knowing how to get started is often a hurdle that prevents people from moving forward. Clubs and groups can offer a brilliant way to get direction and are also a great way to stay on track. If you have a time and a day to attend you’re more likely to stick to it and keep going.

Safety in numbers

If you can find a friend or partner to go with, you’re even more likely to stick with it as you encourage and support each other. There’s also nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Sole man

If the idea of a group seems just too daunting you can make small changes in your day to day life that will nudge you in the right direction.

I wrote and article previously called Stealing Fitness. If we’re not going physical tasks or spending long periods of time sitting, our bodies get stiff as the fascia thickens.

It’s a gradual progession and we don’t notice it but overtime we lose the mobility we once had. Tying your shoes is a good example. If you never untie your shoes but slide them on and off, do you do this because you now find it hard to bend down?

Getting it back

The good news is you can undo some of this damage. Find things that you want to do that you no longer can. Is sitting down or getting out of a chair and effort? Then practice it!

You don’t have to do exercise to the point that you are out of breath or sweating to see some results.

Dogs life

A while a go I wanted to research whether you needed to push yourself to fatigue or if you needed to feel sore the next day after exercise to feel a benefit and make progress.

I set myself a daily distance that I wanted to walk with the dogs. I have to walk them anyway so I knew this would keep me motivated.

The first few days, I did get slightly out of breath and probably a little sweaty as I had on too many layers! But I found that it became easier quite quickly and the aches the next day were quite minimal.

Over the next few weeks I made sure I was walking at a speed that kept my heart rate up and I was working at a decent level of effort, but not to the point of discomfort.


Several things happened. Firstly it got easier, secondly I got faster. Thirdly I started to enjoy the feeling! I could feel myself getting stronger.


Next I started to think about movement, could I tie my shoe lace? Could I look over my shoulder both sides? Could I touch my toes? What about to the side?

Once I identified an issue, I tested it daily. Just a few times but focusing on increasing the movement from the day before. Guess what? It worked! Gradually I increased my mobility and found I could move better.


If you want to build big impressive muscles, you need to lift weights. If however you would just like to be better than you currently are, these gentle, simple steps will get you moving along.

Fitness is a journey not a destination, I can only guarantee you one thing. If you don’t use it you WILL lose it.

It takes the passage of time to get our bodies into a place where they no longer function as we would like, thus it takes time to regain some of that movement – and effort, but maybe not quite as much effort as you think.

I’m attending a number of classes over the next month as advertised on the Eastbourne Fitness finder page of Facebook

Watch this space for details of those clubs and groups, you might just spot the right one for you!

Can’t move

If an injury or ailment is stopping you from getting started, come and see more for an assessment and treatment and let’s get you on the road to recovery.

For more details give me a call on 07980 339 864