Stooped posture and fascia

No doubt you will have seen older people with what could be described as a hump or ‘dowagers hump’ as it is sometimes known. This is a sign and cause of Osteoarthritis, however it can also be from years of sitting badly.

We all spend more time on screens and bent over phones these days (I’m doing it now as I type!) Especially those of you that work in offices.


Your head weighs in excess of 11 pounds or about 5kg. Leaning forward, you increase the strain on the back muscles (erector spinae) that are responsible for supporting it. These muscles become fatigued over time. Think about how long you sit at a desk for and how long those muscles are activated for and its not really surprising.

The fatiguing muscles start to recruit those around them to help. The shoulders, neck and thoracic spine muscles all get involved but eventually the fascia starts to thicken.

Stooped posture and fascia


Think of a muscle as being like a packet of wet spaghetti and the packet itself as fascia. Each strand of spaghetti is actually covered in fascia also and each strand is made up of hundreds of tiny other strands. These too are covered in fascia.

When the muscles are excessively fatigued over long periods this facia starts to thicken to provide support. This thickening is what becomes the hump over time.

No hump?

Regular getting away from the desk to stretch out the muscles will help. Foam rolling can also be advantageous as of course can strengthening the muscles. Stronger muscles means they take longer to fatigue.

Come and see me regularly and I’ll help you break down the adhesions and smooth out the muscle fibres and fascia.

There is more information in the video. For advice on what else you can do, check out the two most famous physical therapists…

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